Top Best Music Apps like Songza [iOS & Android]

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If you are a diehard music lover and want to enjoy an excellent quality and quantity of music, then Songza is a right app for you. The best about this music-streaming app is that the music experts and artists around the world are operating it.

Right from the app, you can enjoy the top rates and Oscar winner music and songs almost free. It always comes with latest and fresh music that you will love to listen again and again. However, it is not the only music-streaming app. Here are some best Songza alternatives.


Pandora is the first one best app like Songza that we have on the list. Right from the official app of Pandora, you can explore the music for free. The best here is that it offers a diverse range of radio stations as well that are categorized in the genre so you can move to the desired one only.

The limitation is only one, and that is Pandora is not available in most of the countries. The American, Europeans, Canadians and some others can surely have it.


Within very less time SoundCloud has got a new level of popularity. During its early age, it has an online website only, and today it has application for major mobile operating systems. The best about SoundCloud is that it allows the artists to upload their original music and get unique URL in return to share with others.

You can embed the songs of SoundCloud on your websites as well. Moreover, the music can be shared on the social media platforms as well. Overall rating is marvelous.


Shazam is the other best app like Songza for discovering music. It is more than music searching and listening app. It also offers the lyrics and charts of the top rated music and songs as well. The best about Shazam is its interface where everything is arranged in proper order.

In addition to its songs, the users of Shazam can explore the music of other music streaming platforms as well like YouTube, Pandora, Rdio and much more.


Rdio comes with various advantages and limitations collectively. The benefits are that its app is available for all smartphone operating systems in addition to iOS and Android. It has a great number of songs. It offers streaming music and even cache songs for offline playback. The limitation is only one, and that is its free version comes with advertisements.

Overall feature and function of Rdio great and its services are widely available in over ninety countries around the world.


Spotify is a commercial music streaming application for iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Free version contains limited music. Overall rating of the app is best, and the interface is very user-friendly. Music can be browsed by genre, artist, playlist, album, record label, etc.

In the free version, you cannot download as much music. However, the paid version has no limitation on streaming and downloading of music.

Google Play Music

Most of the users of Google Play Music use it as a music player, but they are not aware of the fact that it is a fully-fledged music streaming and listening app. The limitation is only one, and that is its non-availability in most of the countries especially the Asian countries. If it is available in your country then in its free and standard account, you can listen and upload up to fifty thousand songs. In the paid version, there is no limitation at all.

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