Top 5 Mobile Games of 2017 for iOS & Android

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Mobile games are not only played by kids, adults also prefer to play them in their free time or to relax their mind. Nowadays there is a variety of games to choose from depending on you want to play. Be it Android or iOS a variety of games are available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The trending ones are usually shown on the top of the list.

Gaming on mobile apps has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Android games seems to hit new heights every year. With the release of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, it only stands to get better and better over time. It won’t be long before mobile sees some even more impressive titles than we have now.

Following are some of the trending games of 2017:

1: War of Crown


War of Crown is a real beauty of a game and an incredible experience. It is a grid field turn-based strategy game where you control up to 4 characters in a team to defeat monsters and other enemies.

The game is made very well and gets addictive very quickly. Like a lot of mobile games War of Crown relies on character pulls to get new characters and only giving you a chance to get the really good ones.

However, War of Crown gives you it’s in game currency so frequently and so much of it that pulling for character’s is never an issue and you’ll start racking up 4 and 5 stars in no time. And the characters you can get are pretty sweet and will make you want to keep pulling to get the really cool ones.

There is a large amount of lore that falls into this game which is really cool and interesting and each character falls into it somewhere. Using the codex of the game you can go through all the characters you’ve obtained or seen in the game and learn about who they are on a story level and the lore of each one personally.

On the topic of the story, War of Crown has different games modes but the main two are Adventure and Story mode. The story mode is what you would expect in a game like this. In adventure mode, you take your team of heroes through 4 different game modes. Adventure, Fairy Realm, Wanted, and Labyrinth.

Adventure plays out as 10 different battles across 4 maps and continues onto harder difficulties, Fairy Realm which is a mode where you go to collect materials and items for upgrades and crafting. Wanted is a mode where special enemies will appear for a short period of time and defeating them gives you really rare and special items, and Labyrinth is a tower of levels that you play through and the further you get in the more rewards you’re given.

As for story mode you are given 3 different modes that follow their own story. Each one has a written out story for it and they’re actually very interesting and play well with the lore in the game.

There is also an arena where the PvP takes place and this is a great game with PvP being really intense as times. With all the different game modes and tons of characters, weapons, and other items you can mess with in the game it gives you a lot to deal with and keeps you busy for a while.

War of Crown is a definite must play if you’re a fan of turn based strategy or RPG’s. It is great for story, atmosphere, design, and just all around fun if you like fun.

Downloads: iOS | Android

2: Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is the most recent game on this list and a very good one at that. It is a team based battle game where a team of 2-3 players go against another team in head to head combat. Brawl Stars gives a wide variety of playable characters to choose from known as “Brawlers”. And each one has their own unique play style and attacks that set them apart.

The main focus of Brawl Stars is the online play, being able to team up with   other players and take out opposing teams online. And there are quite a few game modes to do this in as well. The main game modes seen are Showdown, Smash and Grab, Heist, and Bounty. Each of the game modes has their own rules and team limits.

Showdown being a straight 1 on 1 battle between you and one other player. With the variety of game modes and characters, Brawl Stars really sets its self apart from other team based games of its kind.

Though what really makes this game shine is its colorful cast of characters. Their designs are cartoonish and goofy and make the games atmosphere very charming. Each character plays differently having a set role as either being ranged or melee when it comes to battle. And each character has a Super that is unique to them and can really determine the tide of a match depending on whose being played.

If you’re an aggressive player you’ll enjoy playing El Primo with his massive health and amazing super giving him a lot of range over the field and a good get away when he’s surrounded. Or if you’re more reserved and into range then you’ll love Brawler’s like Colt and Bo who can sit back and unleash high amounts of damage without having to get to close to the real fight. Or maybe you enjoy just sitting back and letting something else do all the work for you and that’s fine too. Characters like Jessie and Nita come in, both being able to summon helpful things like turrets or a bear to fight along-side them.

Brawl Stars incorporates all kinds of play styles making it an easily accessible game for any kind of player out there. And without new it is the player base is growing quickly and is only going to get bigger. So if you’re looking for a good team based game with a lot of variety and play ability then look no further. Brawl Stars is definitely going be sticking around for a long time. This game is currently only available in Canada.

Downloads: iOS

3: Super Mario Run

2017 seems to be the year of the retro games for the mobile platform because after Snake, Mario makes a comeback with Super Mario Run for the iOS and Android (soon to come). The game can be controlled with just one hand as on screen buttons and joysticks have been replaced with tapping and gesture control. The theme is the same as it had been back in Super Mario classic on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); collect coins, jump on enemies, eat mushrooms and save the princess.

Downloads: iOS | Android

4: Hyper Burner

If you love the concept of flying between the obstacles along with amazing sound effects and graphics, then Hyperburner is the game for you. Hyperburner APK can make the download task easier for you and you can easily play this addictive game on your Android devices. If you own an iOS device you can search for Hyperburner iOS to get the game.

Downloads: iOS | Android

5: WarHammer


Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a unique take on chess. Apart from adding vivid animations and brutality to each kill on the chess board during Classic gameplay, there’s also an additional mode called Regicide. In Regicide mode, the game transcends the traditional rules of chess in favor of advanced special powers and abilities of the units you control on the battlefield. Playing chess online with other players has never been more interesting.

Downloads: iOS | Android

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