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Since the release of iOS 10 and the iMessage app store, we all know by now how overwhelming the new App Store for iMessage is. It lets you download stickers and install games or apps for you to play and use directly within a conversation. Everyone out there has launched either some kind of sticker pack or an iMessage app.

That makes up quite a mountain of different apps, makes one wonder, which ones should I try? After checking out a dozen of apps and stickers from the iMessage app store, I give you my favorite five from the iMessage app store!



TextPoet is a great messaging app. It allows users to save, create and use pre-saved messages right inside your conversations. Whether you are sending messages or creating a new one or simply replying to a message, you can use TextPoet to send pre-written messages to your chat buddies. Forget having to type long and “typo-ed” messages with TextPoet.

That is great for 2 reasons.

You get to say goodbye to typos: Typos are hilarious in some occasions, but equally embarrassing as well. I would give anything to take back embracing typos I ever sent.

You get to interact with a community of avid content creators and sharers: TextPoet community shares pre-written messages they create. You will be surprised how creative people can be with messages. Find a great response instead of a boring one you created.

Every message you create, you can save it in a collection. That’s how you reuse pre-written messages. You can even browse through your and other people’s organized collection(s) to find the perfect message for any situation.

Not just text messages, you can create your own version of emojis as well.

They even added a handy little option for spell checking, auto capitalization and auto-correcting.

I would say TextPoet to be the ultimate SMS solution for people who are busy or simply aren’t texting fans like our normal Joes.


  • Create Personal custom texts
  • Use Pre-written texts
  • Organize Collections
  • Share and interact with TextPoet Community
  • Create custom emojis
  • Auto correction, Auto capitalization, Spell check

App Available on: iOS



Saying something snarky or hilarious becomes super snarky with gifs. I hate that moment when I have to say something sarcastic but can’t find a good gif to go with it. JibJab is “THE BEST” app to liven up dull conversations with great gifs, and that too featuring your own face.

Yea, just map and cut out your face from any picture and Bam! Slap it on JibJab gifs, and there you go. Spam your friends with hilarious content. JibJab even lets you snap a selfie and then smack it on more than 1,000 different kinds of animated clips.

As far as funny gifs go, JibJab is the go to app to laugh your head off and have a great time chatting with friends.

Key Features:

  • Connect via Social media accounts (Facebook,Twitter etc)
  • Take a Selfie or add a picture from the camera roll
  • Save your friend’s picture for creating gifs
  • Share your gifs via Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more

App Available on: iOS

Giphy: The Gif Search Engine


I did just mention JibJab above, but the gifs library is HUGE in Giphy. Although you can’t edit the gifs in anyway, but the gif collection is great and so on point for multiple rib-tickling message occasions. The app is great and so is the iMessenger add-on. Simply tap on the appstore icon right next to the keyboard and you can send hilarious gifs to your friends. Search for anything you like and the Giphy app will not disappoint you. You’ll get dozens of excellent gifs or animated stickers to flood your friends with tearing laughter.


  • Text, Share, Save GIfs
  • React with Gifs
  • Use Animated Stickers
  • Explore side-splitting memes, TV, Movies, Music and so much more from a ton of different channels
  • Browse funny stickers and long-press them to peel and stick on top of another message
  • Save GIFs or stickers you love by Double tapping on them to save them in you favorites collection.

App Available on: iOS



Fandango is one of the grand-daddy  iOS apps that have an iMessage add-on. It is a movie-ticketing app, by nature. Allows you to plan various trips to the movies with your chatting buddies.

Say goodbye to those long and frustrating movie conversations deciding which movie to watch, the when’s and what’s of it all. Fandango lets you see local movie times – which movie is showing and where, lists of new films – no need to search around for new movies released, and book tickets – go to the theaters and forget having to stand in lines for hours.

That is tons of tiresome and hectic conversations and disappointing theater trips summed up with one app solution.

And the best thing, you get to do everything while you talk to your friends.


  • Browse Movies & Theaters
  • Get Showtime information
  • Buy Guaranteed Tickets
  • Watch the newest trailers
  • Fandango VIP account loaded with added features
  • Extra features for Apple Watch and iPad

App Available on: iOS

Circle Pay


If anyone of you was looking for a Venmo alternative, you need to look no further. Circle Pay is just the app for that. It does everything Venmo does with a few extra kicks.

Like other famous payment apps, Circle Pay also uses a messaging interface for carrying out transactions. The extra kick, it lets you send money internationally. Venmo and a lot of other apps don’t. There is a little downside though, the range of countries is not as wide as you would want, but we hope to get there too some day.

Among other features, Circle Pay doesn’t take any fee to move money into your bank account, awesome right?

If I am advocating for Circle pay, I must tell you that you can’t pay in stores or on online, or even pay with your voice. Yea, that’s a bummer but it is a great app regardless.

In a single sentence, Circle Pay is an easy-to-use payment app, with fast deposits and international capabilities.


  • Fast and Easy payments
  • No exchange rate markups or Fees
  • Fun to use
  • Secure transactions
  • Live Human Support

App Available on: iOS

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