Top 14 Personal Assistant Apps like Siri for Android

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Siri is one of the most popular voice assistant applications for the iDevices. Although it was designed for the disabled persons but got popularity among all kind of Apple devices users. Surely, the trend set by Siri cannot easily achieve by the other voice assistant tools and applications. Still there are many voice assistant apps that are also doing best especially for the Android devices.

Let us have a look on the Siri alternatives for Android devices.

Robin – AI Voice AssistantRobin – AI Voice Assistant is the name of an industry leading voice assistant app for all kind of activities. It will assist you whether you are on the road or sitting on the couch of your home. The advantage of using this app is that it will centralize the most important areas of your Android device by means of its voice assistant services.

ANDY Voice Assistant

ANDY Voice Assistant is a super fast and easy to use digital voice assistant app. Although this app is not the perfect match of Siri at all but still the best option to use for the Android users. It can perform all kind of mobile-based functions by means of voice command rather than tapping each time. Just give a command and see the magic. No issue on accent of English language at all.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

In recent years, Dragon Mobile Assistant has earned a decisive place in the mobile assistant and voice to text apps. It lets the Android users to make calls, send messages, get directions, create appointments, update social network and do much more just by means of voice commanding. If you are not good in English then does not worry at all as Dragon Mobile Assistant accept the natural accent of the speaker.

DataBot Assistant

DataBot Assistant is basically a virtual talking report for the Android devices. Talk with DataBot Assistant and it will answer with voice. You can use it for performing multiple functions on your device as well. It is time to use voice rather than tapping all time on your smartphone. One of the best advantages of using this voice assistant application is that many services and apps are integrated in it.

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana is the new entrant in the digital assistant apps world. The great advantage of using this personal assistant app is that it works easily with multiple devices. Once installed in the device, it will easily integrate with most of the installed apps. It is your free and digital assistant app offering lot of functionalities.


This personal assistant app named Jarvis currently supports English language. This person voice assistant app will assist you in many ways like keeping your informed about SMS, calls, news, weather, and much more. You can control your phone settings by means of this simple to use voice assistant app as well. Not as great as Siri is but still better than nothing is.

Other Alternatives to Siri

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