Top 10 Healthcare Mobile App Startups in California

Top 10 HealthCare Mobile App Startups in California Main
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Here we have a list of Top 10 Healthcare mobile app startups residing in different parts of California. Let us know which ones you found the most intriguing. If you are inspired to start something of your own, be sure to read my article on How to build a startup  . You can also check out Ways to grow your Startup  if you are a struggling startup.

1. Irisvision


For the people with macro degeneration and low vision, Irisvision is a godsend. It was developed by CitrusBits, a leading mobile app development company in Los Angeles. Irisvision solves this problem integrating Samsung’s GearVR with a mobile phone equipped with a powerful camera and magnification factor.  A very smooth and intuitive user interface, Irisvision has different modes for different purposes. Options range from full screen with bubble magnification, split screen with bioptic or line reading and various other modes depending on the task at hand or the viewing experience required.

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2. ChemoWave


ChemoWave is a virtual advocate for patients diagnosed with cancer. Came into existence by personal experience of cancer survivor, ChemoWave is a very handy app to optimize the chemotherapy process, record actionable insights and find valuable patterns that make this painful journey an easier. ChemoWave has enjoyed massive success and anyone who has ever used it, loves it. Do you know someone who could benefit from ChemoWave?

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3. One Medical one-medical-mobile

Bid farewell to the pain of waiting for your doctor in a line of weepy babies and aching groaning patients. With One Medical you can book an appointment with the choice of your doctor and use their aesthetic and pleasant spaces to get your check-ups. Simply download the One Medical App, available for both Android and iOS, register as a patient and you are all ready to conduct your doctor business. In a healthcare survey by Venrock conducted in 2017, suggested that 37% of investors were more likely to invest in One Medical. One Medical is a San Francisco Healthcare startup and has over 50 other offices spread across US, offering medical clinical services.

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4. Doctor on Demand


Another doctor solution. Doctor On Demand is a mobile app that is equipped with board certified doctors who are the best at what they do. You get 24/7 availability of doctors irrespective of your location through live video streaming. Regardless of the phone device you own, Android or iOS, download this app and you will never have to sit through the waiting area of any doctor. So whether it’s flu or some other disease, you can get your symptoms checked, get a prescription or maybe find a recommended treatment – all through the platform provided by Doctor on Demand.

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NORA is short for “Network Oriented Research Assistant”. It is a model designed for clinical trials and is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant technology platform. NORA incorporates telemedicine technology with the process of clinical research, and supports Science 37’s end-to-end management of clinical trials. It was created to make clinical trials less painful, inexpensive, and more patient-centered. Instead of the patient going to a clinical research organization Science37, through NORA, brought clinical trials to patients in their homes. It is most useful with rare diseases, targeted therapy or medication requiring precision. They have their mobile app launching soon in 2018.

Learn more from their website at : Nora Website

6. Skimble


If your workout routine is boring and you dread it, Skimble is just the mobile app for you. It comes with fresh and fun workouts at the touch of a button. Own your very own personal trainer and crush your body goals. Get personalized recommendations analyzed from your workout history, receive expert coaching content and reach your goals faster than never before. With over 2 million downolads, Skimble is revolutionizing the workout space with its interactivity and creativity.

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7. Heal


Heal is a mobile app that brings licensed health professionals to your home. They are transforming the new age of house calls medical practices. Choose your appointment time between 8am to 8pm and get professional grade home care with a simple tap of on your mobile screen. The best thing about Heal is that there are no hidden costs or charges. You will know the cost before making the appointment as a flat fee and without insurance. Heal is growing at an enormous rate and gathering a lot of spotlight in the press.

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8. GoodRx


GoodRx is the perfect app to find medicinal drugs with the best price. Brought to life by former Facebook engineers, GoodRx is termed to be the best tool to compare durg prices just like you would for buying a pair of shoes. They cover over more than 75000 pharmacies and also provide Coupons and savings tips that will reduce your prescription costs over 50% or more. You can also get additional drug information like Side effects, any pharmacy’s operating hours, locations, and so much more.

They have an app for both, Android and iPhone users. So no one will be left behind.

Download GoodRx App on: Android | iOS

9. HomeHero


HomeHero is a licensed non-medical home care provider built using smart technology and human care to advance the health care system into homes.

Any family seeking assistance with their elderlies is provided help in the form of a ‘Hero’ who is selected after a rigorous screening process. The freedom to choose for a Hero to work and any family to employ a hero is boundless. Watch numerous interviews and select your dealing party with the utmost satisfaction and comfort.

Securing hundreds of insured “Heroes” on contracts, HomeHero is on it’s way in becoming one of the largest and most trusted home care providers in California. Get the HomeHero app and provide the care and comfort your baby boomer grandparents deserve.

Download App: Android | iOS | Apple for Client

10. Circle Medical


Circle Medical is yet another experience that leverages modern healthcare. It’s like a complete healthcare system. You scan your insurance in real-time to find eligible plans and status, find a doctor of your choosing from a list of board-certified doctors, and conduct healthcare at your own convenience and comfort. You can either keep the same doctor for future appointments or change, your choice of freedom. Try out their amazing at from the following links.

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