Top 10 Best Kotlin Android Apps Development Companies

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Kotlin was introduced by a Russian team at JetBrains. It understood the pain developers face in the day-to-day development workflow and with Kotlin it has attempted to address those. Kotlin takes a pragmatic approach by not including features such as having its own build system or package manager because open source tools such as Gradle and Maven already handle this well. Having its own build system would have broken projects that already use Gradle and Maven.

In Kotlin the java frameworks have not been re-implemented although it would have been easy to do that as the developers wanted it to be compatible with the JDK collection interfaces without breaking any existing project implementations. Both Kotlin and Java generate the same byte code.

The Null Pointer Exceptions have been removed from Kotlin which are one of the most common reasons for the crashed in the applications. With Kotlin, you needn’t worry about NPEs because null safety is baked into Kotlin’s type system. It is so nice to catch NPEs at compile time instead of crashing apps at run-time.

One of the amazing feature that the Kotlin plugin brings to the Android Studio is that you just give it a Java file and with one click it will convert it into an equivalent Kotlin file. Kotlin code is not verbose like Java, it is more crisp, concise and reduces a lot of much of the boilerplate code that developers must write everyday.

1: CitrusBits

CitrusBits is a USA based company which provides mobile and web application development services, digital strategy, UI/UX design and corporate websites. The team of gifted individuals is well versed in Kotlin apps development and ready to turn ideas into your business. Developers at CitrusBits shifted to Kotlin app development, and they loved it. Kotlin is not only a pleasure to write code in but also a pleasure to read. That is a treat, which will never be too sweet for anyone who has to read the code.

Kotlin is a concise and universal language, CitrusBits always stays updated with the latest technology trends and inventions. They offer you tailor-made solutions with modern and cutting-edge technology. Kotlin is not just a new language with a phase. It is here to stay. All the big companies and organizations are adopting Kotlin and the trend is growing not declining. According to IT tech experts, the right question to ask about the future of Kotlin is; how much of a market share will it own?

Kotlin is not going anywhere, it will only flourish and grow. Kotlin has already had many version updates; latest to date are versions 1.1 and 1.2. With such a great company backing its support and development, Kotlin is unlikely to be abandoned anytime soon.

2: Steel Kiwi

Steel kiwi is a Ukraine based web and mobile development company. Along with using Java for Android development, they are using Kotlin as well. The co-founders were both interested in software engineering and wanted to use their skills and experience to build a company that would become one of the best in the industry.

Kotlin is a language which is compatible with Java which is being used since a long period of time for Android development. It can be used with the popular libraries and tools that are written in Java. There is more security in Kotlin in terms of nullability and immutability which aligns to make android apps healthy and performant by default. The creators of Kotlin managed to bypass the weak points of Java, this allowed them to make Kotlin code incredibly laconic and expressive.

The project Ensuring vehicle safety with GPS tracking solutions was built using Kotlin. If a GPS tracker is attached to a vehicle, police can easily recover individuals or commercial vehicles in case of theft.

3: Droids on Roids

Droids on Roids is a Poland based app development and design company. They are helping both startups and big market players to achieve their business goals by delivering top-notch mobile applications and designs for iOS and Android platforms. They have created GIFS for world greatest apps, the companies use their open source libraries in their famous web and mobile apps e.g. Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Atlassian and Bitrise.

The clients have constant access to the projects progress as the development proceeds, clients are invited to use the company’s tools, create reports and even receive team status updates. Not only you get 2 developers to work on your project but you also get a Scrum Master and Quality Assurance Engineer in the included price. They all work together to deliver a high quality code. The employees are fluent English speakers so there will be no problem in understanding what your aim is and what is going to be done to achieve it.

4: Jetbrains

JetBrains is a Czech based software development company. They are the originators of Kotlin language, a Russian team at JetBrains introduced Kotlin in the year 2011 and in 2016 the version 1.0 was released. Google has introduced Kotlin as the official language for android Studio.

The tools developed by them are used in some of the well-known companies of the world e.g. Samsung, Pinterest, Tesla, Wikipedia, Siemens, HP, Twitter. There is product support available on their website if the customers are facing any problems with their products. They ship the products developed worldwide. If the customer have a query or they want a product to be developed they can send an email to the company and will be responded accordingly.

5: WillowTree

WillowTree is a USA based software development company. Products are developed in such a way that the user needs meet the business goals, proven methods are employed to create innovation. Before the product design, an extensive research covering the quality and quantitative aspects is done. A Mobile Product Strategy has been designed which helps in executing a user centered process.

The strategists dive into the business model of the client, explore and understand the market challenge, decide which market is suitable for product positioning and they help you to create a product with a unique value. There is a constant communication to ensure that the recommended product will be delivered, on-time and on-budget.

The products include an easy-to-use enterprise solution for DS service agents as millions of the users in US rely on DS services for their bottled water, filtration, coffee and tea products. DS Services needed an easy-to-use tool that would make managing customer accounts fast and simple for their agents.

6: Adelpha Tech

Adelpha Tech is a digital transformation firm based in Toronto, Canada. They empower businesses to modernize, evolve or build their digital footprint to get noticed in the online competitive world. One of the services provided is the digital transformation which encompasses the digital strategy, mobile and web application development, Content Management Systems, SEO, SEM, UI/UX Design and Social Media Marketing.

Through Adelpha Tech proven success formula, your market presence will be transformed through the design and implementation of leading data-driven web and mobile applications.

Based on the end user experience, Adelpha Tech mobile development team can take and support the barest hint of an idea from mock-up to publication in App Store and Google Play. The development done here is deployable on cross platform (iOS, Android etc.) which mean that your app will reach the broadest possible market, agile and responsive design will keep your app at the forefront of industry standards.

Whether it is a mobile or a web app, the end user experience should be the top priority as even the greatest idea can be lost in poor UI/UX,, they provide the superior UI and UX designs to make sure that your users are experiencing your product in the best way possible.

Following are the android apps developed by them:
i) Instasize
ii) Tutor Doctor App
iii) FixxBook App

7: RubyGarage

RubyGarage is a top-of-the-line software development and consulting company located in the Eastern Europe that builds custom web and mobile products for their clients. The Android and iOS apps created are developed using the same tools and technologies applied for the top apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We ensure that your app meets the requirements that have agreed upon to be met initially and they help to add new features to your app once it has been launched.

The UI/UX design process is also well structured as first the UX prototypes based on specific requirements which shows the app’s structure and user flow are designed. It helps the UI designers and developers to have an overall feeling of the final product and study its functionality. With the UX prototypes, it is always known what to expect at the end of each iteration.

Following are some of the apps developed by them:

  1. ArtDeco
  2. Pindify
  3. MoonAge
  4. SprinkleBit

8: Anadea

Anadea is a Ukraine based custom software development company for web and mobile. Customers get exactly what they want by directly communicating with the engineers and controlling the project as if they were in the same room with the development team.

Anadea provides custom software development services which include the initial feasibility and requirements analysis, choosing the architectural design for the software, solving challenging IT issues, testing and development. For every customer a unique software is built which tailors to the customer’s individual needs.

The mobile application development services include development of native iOS and Android clients, design of mobile app, building independent back end systems or creating API to connect mobile app with the existing website, integration with external services, Google Maps, payment processors, social media sites and other public API’s, QA testing, bug fixing and further development of existing mobile applications.

Following are some of the mobile applications developed:

  1. AgentFolio
  2. Home Automation

9: Yudiz

Yudiz is a mobile and web application development company based in India. The company creates a work atmosphere that can facilitate growth, where each and every employee can better themselves in terms of monetary gain, career, knowledge and skills related to the job. An active environment is provided where the Yudiz team gets to interact with each other through games and activities. Innovative inputs and creative ideas from the team members are encouraged.

They provide data synchronization so that there is consistent relationship between data source to data storage and vice versa, there is social media integration, in app purchases allows to sell a variety of items, the clients can get customized apps with satellite images, street views and interactive maps and pop up notifications can be received to know about any alerts or information about the app.

To ensure that the development service is effective a very systematic approach is taken. First the android app idea and concept is understood, then the product features are analyzed, the milestones and timeline is decided, then the design team starts working on a striking UI for your app, code development and integration starts as per the provided guidelines, quality analysis and testing takes place, after this the app is submitted on the play store and then the marketing is done on the social media for the app.

Following are some of the applications developed by Yudiz:

  1. CarePack LTE
  2. Marion’s Kitchen
  3. WinderFarms
  4. TableShare

10: Yalantis

Yalantis is a Ukraine based company which provides web and mobile application services. Quality is what matters the most, they focus on clean code, maintainability and scalability of the final product. The team is always happy to advise the client on technical solutions.

The QA team constantly betters their expertise so that even the smallest bugs can be eliminated, bugs are checked in the business logic and in the general codebase. Modern technologies are hand-picked so that the apps can run smoothly and quickly. We name our objects and classes consistently and provide detailed comments to every piece of code. Various types of encryptions and protocols to make the apps secure. A lot of time and knowledge is invested into designing the app’s architecture to achieve maintainability and scalability, using a multi-tiered architecture allows us to improve separate parts of the code as needed.

A proper app development road map has been defined. The initial call is for the requirements gathering process, a rough estimate is decided for the project according to the list of features and approximate time and cost needed for their implementation. Then the project planning stage comes in which the project plan is developed, the technical requirements are gathered, user stories are created, the wireframes and basic design is created and a detailed estimation is carried out.

 In the project development stage in which after the requirements have been gathered, an initial prototype is developed, the app design is finalized, the testing and bug fixing is carried out, the build delivery is done, product demos are done, the iteration reports are submitted and client feedback is taken. The app is then released, support and updates are provided for software maintenance, continual product and design improvement.

Following are some of the mobile apps developed at Yalantis:

  1. JellyToolBar
  2. ForceBlur
  3. uCrop
  4. Koloda
  5. Folding Tab Bar for iOS
  6. Java Navigation Design

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