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Stitcher is a popular Android app for subscribing and listening to the podcasts. A podcast is an on-demand radio show that is distributed through an RSS feed on the internet. If you haven’t learned about a podcast yet then it’s necessary to explain it to you before going further because there is no point of explaining the awesomeness of Stitcher if you aren’t sure about the podcast.

A podcast is an episode-based audio show that is distributed through RSS feed to the subscribers on the internet.

It’s kind of web radio that you can listen to it on your smartphone. In order to subscribe to any podcast show, you need a service like Stitcher on Android device.

Stitcher is the industry leader when it comes to iPhone apps for listening to the podcasts. Moreover, the iPhone users listen to the podcasts through iTunes. This makes Stitcher an alternative app for podcasters and podcast listeners to enjoy their favorite podcast shows on the go.

How to Use Stitcher

There is one of the simplest Android apps out there. You don’t have to figure out RSS and other things to start listening to the podcasts on Stitcher. All you need is to know the favorite shows to subscribe to. In fact, the Stitcher does help you in this as well. It has a database of the podcasts categorized in various divisions to find the relevant shows.

It has a search system to find your favorite podcasts. Once you install the app on your Android device, it would require you to sign up. It’s free to sign up. Once you’re signed in, the next process is the podcasts subscription. All it takes to subscribe is add the podcast show to your favorites list and you’re subscribed to the show. However, you can also manage your customized lists of favorite shows on Stitcher, for instance, business, self-help, motivation etc. So whenever you’d subscribe to a new podcast show, the app will ask you to choose the list to add the podcast.

Whenever a new episode of that podcast is released, you’ll be able to download the episode into your Stitcher app. If you want to check the recent episodes whether they’re available or not, you can just drag the list down to refresh it and it will automatically check the recent updates. The recently released episodes of all the podcast shows in your list (if not downloaded before) will be downloaded for you.

 Key Features of the Stitcher

There are lots of features in Stitcher which help you maximize the output of the app but some of them are vital to your good experience. In order to get the best out of the Stitcher app, you need to know the following features:

Available Offline Mode

There is a mode called ‘Available Offline’ inside the lists. If you enable this feature, the app will make sure that you could listen to the shows of that list when you’re offline, meaning, not connected to the internet.

Playback Options

There are few options under playback options which impact the user-experience. For instance, you can choose ‘play new only’ (it would play the recently released episode), ‘download before playing’ (it would download the episode first then play it for you), ‘Continuous playback’ (this feature keeps the shows running). There are a couple of more options regarding playback.


The notification feature does help in getting notified about the podcasts. You’ll be better off if you keep this option switched off because most of the people listen to the podcasts when they want to. So there is no point of being notified about the podcast shows.

Download Setting

This is a very important feature of this app. If you go to the ‘Offline Settings’, you’ll see the checkbox of Wi-Fi download only, if you check the box, the Stitcher app will only download the new episodes of the podcasts when you’re using the Wi-Fi internet connection, meaning, it won’t download the new episodes on 3G/4G data connection.


Stitcher is a great app for entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners, experts, and writers who want to listen to the quality content on the go or anywhere they want.

You might stumble upon your favorite author’s interview on a podcast or you may find out the greatest business tips from an expert.

If you’re new to podcast listening, you must try Stitcher app.

Let us know in the comments section about your favorite podcast.

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