Know Your Thing: 5 Tips When You are Going to Lease Out Your Property

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There are a lot of people who think of renting out their homes. Of course, the primary drive behind this decision of most homeowners is the benefit of additional income to their pocket. It is because renting out your property is a lucrative idea that enables you to pay off your existing debts or for you to become stable financially.

However, leasing your property is not going to be a smooth sail all along the way. You may encounter problems and challenges in this endeavor, especially if you do not consider beforehand its various risks.

For you to offset problems and challenges, you should know about the various tips on how to lease out your property successfully. You can check out these tips below.

Know and Understand Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

As mentioned earlier, there are various challenges that you may encounter when you lease out your property. Thus you need to make sure if you really can handle the responsibilities as a landlord. These responsibilities will be part of your life now, and you need to know and understand your responsibilities to run your business smoothly.

Your responsibilities include supervising of repairs and maintenance, collecting the rent payments of your tenants, and making sure that your tenants observe proper housekeeping.

Of course, you also need to attend to the problems of the occupants regarding their rent. Creating a harmonious owner-tenant relationship is a must to satisfy the needs of your tenants as well as yourself as a homeowner.

Make a Good Preparation for Your Property

There are market seasons when leasing out your home without making the necessary preparations such as home improvement is a no-no. People have high expectations and can be fastidious in their choice at such times because of the easy availability of homes for rental.

Thus, before the property viewing, you must make sure that you clean up your home thoroughly and the appliances are in good working order. Check out if there are any roof leaks, damaged electrical outlets, leak pipes, or sagging gutters, and make a good fix on them.

It is also essential that you consider the safety and privacy of your tenants. You must equip the house with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and ensure that the locks are in place. If you are apportioning a space in your home for rent, you must see to it that you secure and separate it from the rest of your house.

Consult with the Experts

It may seem like a no-sweat, one-man task to put your property for rental. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When you are going to rent out your property, it is advisable that you consult experts such as real estate accountants and lawyers. You must ensure that you follow zoning ordinances, tax laws, and building safety rules to make your business problem-free.

Your hired accountant, for instance, will help you in reporting your tax return from your rental income religiously. There are also tax deductions, and your accountant will make it easy for you to determine which expenses are deductible.

Your lawyer, on the other hand, will help you to understand the state rental regulations and the local rules governing properties for rental. It is also essential to have your lawyer in crafting of the lease to ensure that you abide by rental laws.

Set a Competitive Rental Price

Before setting your price, you must make sure that you evaluate your monthly expenses and check out the rental prices of the properties in your area. Having a comparative evaluation of the market rent prices is essential for you to set your price at a competitive range.

Renters are always looking for a realistic price. Thus it is advisable that your rental price reflects the value of your property and the price range in the market.

Choose Good Tenants

As soon as you place your property for rental, it is high time now that you look for tenants. But you must keep in mind to choose your tenant carefully. A good part of your income will depend on your tenants, so you must see to it that they are the types who pay on time. You must also ensure that they are to take care of your property.

Screen your tenants by asking about their backgrounds and necessary information. You also see to it that you check out their credit histories.


Renting out your property can provide you an excellent additional income. But before you put your property for rental, you must know about the tips on how to lease your property successfully.

It is also essential that you consult real estate experts for it. You can get advice from the experts at Rose & Jones on what preparations you should do before you rent out your property.