KMPlayer vs VLC Player 2017 Review – Which is Better

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Multimedia player is an essential entity in any system because almost everyone likes to watch videos on their system. For couple of years, some of such players have gained enormous popularity and have been first priority for video lovers.

KMPlayer vs VLC Player 

VLC and KM Players are two such players which are leading tools for enjoying videos. But has anyone ever thought about which one would be the best player? Well, in this article we are going to take a brief comparative look at the attributes of both these contenders.

Let us first talk about VLC player. It is acknowledgeable that VLC beats others hands down if we consider its robust dexterity in playing the video content of incomplete, unfinished, or rotten video downloads before the files have been completely downloaded. And even brazen out with some damaged video; it can pester-free neglect the error aside and continue to smoothly play back the video with clear image provided.

Another striking aspect of VLC is related to its interior with modern tech supports which is greater than KMPlayer precisely. Take the system resource they requires, for example, it’s checked that commonly VLC can save up to 80% system resource compared with KMP when they are playing the same video file.

KMPlayer vs VLC Player : Features in Detail

If we take a close look at the features of KMPlayer and VLC, our first expression goes towards KMPlyer due to its rare 3D format playback functionality. This trait lets users to enjoy the incredible 3D home cinema world with a low CPU Memory share and an optimized, consistent playback supported by GPU.

KMPlayer gains nice ratings and is given good reviews because of its sound base on download sites. This player frees users from pestering about additionally download any codecs as it provides advanced features that are quite customizable in manifold languages which makes it an all-around for windows.

Moreover, KMPlayer allows its users to remotely control it while this feature isn’t provided by VLC. This makes KMPlayer superior to VLC as they other features are equally found in both of them.


In short, both of these media players do have their merits and demerits and it is rather hard to declare which one is the best video player as they ultimately fulfill your requirements. If you aspire to play back video files on the Linux and Mac OS X, you should hand on VLC as KMPlayer isn’t compatible with these operating systems; and in case you are going to play such as file which isn’t supported by the VLC on windows, you will definitely require KMPlayer.

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