Importance of Augmented Reality Platform

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If you have heard this term just now, then you might need to brush up your knowledge on current trends. But don’t worry, it is never too late than never ever. Let’s begin with the basics like what it is and why it is so important to know about this?

The world of mobile technology is moving at a lightning pace just because of augmented reality phenomenon. And if you belong to the department of software development then it is very important to keep updated with the trends. In simple words, Augmented reality enables a virtual object to overlay on the real object. It has already covered the market for mobile technology with its huge demand and now spreading on other sectors like Travel, fashion, retail, and finance. Any user who has a Smart device with built video can use the AR technology. With the help of Artificial intelligence Course, the user can learn the benefits of the technology and can enhance their skills by upgrading the knowledge with practical and theoretical ways and able to open the doors of success.

The AR applications come in two different forms i.e marker and location-based:

Marker-based AR applications enable to pinpoint the patterns when the camera of the device is used in conjunction such that the digital information overlays on the real world environment. It means when the smartphone’s camera is focussed on a particular object then it forms a virtual AR on top of the object. If the image is present in animated and 3D format then the digital overlay appears above the recognised pattern. The technology needs more potential marketers and managers who can extend the mobile app offering.

The other form is location-based, monitors the location of another device by using the capabilities of mobile. The application enables a contextual data of a device on a specific location.

For example, the technology can be used to locate the car in a busy parking or helping the marketer to find the direction of the particular city and also understanding the patterns of the constellation in the sky at night.

Now you people might be getting confused between VR and AR. There’s a huge difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual reality puts an isolated and immersive environment around user while in augmented the surrounding is partly immersive. While, in the augmented case, the user can see around and also through the augmented object. In AR, the position and location of the current object are identified with the help of sensors and markers. The sensors and markers are used by the computer algorithm in AR. After that, the picture is rendered by the technology and seen in the camera of a smartphone.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Surely, AR is changing the dimensions of real-world. The benefits will be seen especially in the tablets and smartphones, and the usage is understanding and highly intuitive. In a couple of years, shoppers will be able to try the apparels without actually wearing them. Even some companies like IKEA, furniture based company already had implemented. And all these are possible with smartphones. Moreover, it has more possibility of evolution like the ability to sense. For example, human sensors as touching, feeling and smelling.

In Manufacturing

AR enables monitoring at the workplace due to which managers can see the progress through markers from anywhere. Therefore, accelerates the processes of the organisation. Apart from that, it saves the time with the help of digital layout of the plant and with the maps. By just a small pointer, the user can see the 3D image of an object.

In Commerce

As discussed earlier, the virtual image of a dress will help out the shopper without even trying. In this way, the shopper can identify the actual size of the clothing. Hence, decreases the chances of returns after purchase. Also, AR gives the facility like, while choosing a colour for home or car, you can try and see how it looks before applying or buying. Plus, it is helpful for promotional campaigns as well.

In Travel and Tourism

With the help of GPS, travelers will be able to find the destination with described routes and directions. Also, can see the information, street signs related to the place. It adds the touch of reality to ensure a new experience to the user.

In Education

Truly, AR has brought many possibilities in the field of education and training. AR technology facilitates the experience of virtual reality in real-world. For instance, the new and inexperienced students can try without harming the real person, astronauts can practice prior before actually going to the space missions.


Although, the technology is still in its early days but is evolving enormously because of the increase in usage of smartphones and the internet. And right now is the best time to implement AR. The technology is new, unique and notable so now you can astonish your customer by revealing and bringing new innovations to the market. There is a number of tools present which helps to develop the AR applications like ARPA SDKs, ARlab SDKs, Vuforia SDK, Droid AR, Wikitude SDK, Metaio SDK etc.

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