Google ARCore, A detailed Sketchup


Will Google’s ARCore be the bridge between our world and the digital world? Google released ARCore developer preview 2 recently, near Dec’17, promising it will break barriers with augmented reality on Android phones. How is this AR venture any different to Tango, Google’s first augmented reality platform? Because as of March ’18, Google announced they would be ending support for Tango. Could the same happen to ARcore? Why or why not? Before we talk about that, it will be helpful if we truly understand what augmented reality and ARCore really…

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Top UI/UX Mobile App Designers | Interviews


Best user experience and interactive user interfaces are the Achilles heels of mobile app development. Even the best of us sometimes struggle with the most basic design principals. We believe there is no shame in learning new things and so we reached out to some of the top UI/UX mobile app development companies in USA to know exactly what their leading designers had to say about our questions. From some of the best work they ever did to what made them churn and struggle the most, here is what we…

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Best Virtual Reality Games


2017 gave us some of the most mind-blowing virtual reality games that you just can’t have enough of. If you haven’t gotten down and dirty with these games, you have missed a huge chunk of 2017 VR bliss. Get those headsets ready to rock and check out my list of the best VR games of 2017. 1: Super Hot A badass Jhon Wick shooting style with The Matrix-like slo-mo moments and a Groundhog day twist in the mix, this game will be your bane of all the games if you…

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring an App Designer


A great design is not a ‘good to have’ but a ‘must have’ aspect of your app, be it a mobile app or web app. I am going to outline five important things you need to consider before you hire yourself an app designer and not end up regretting your choice. 1. IDEA CLARITY Clear minds bare clear sight. How does that apply to you? If you are not clear on your own idea, how do you expect the other person to understand? You need to be crystal clear on…

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Top 10 Healthcare Mobile App Startups in California

Top 10 HealthCare Mobile App Startups in California Main

Here we have a list of Top 10 Healthcare mobile app startups residing in different parts of California. Let us know which ones you found the most intriguing. If you are inspired to start something of your own, be sure to read my article on How to build a startup  . You can also check out Ways to grow your Startup  if you are a struggling startup. 1. Irisvision For the people with macro degeneration and low vision, Irisvision is a godsend. It was developed by CitrusBits, a leading mobile app…

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Top 10 Best Kotlin Android Apps Development Companies


Kotlin was introduced by a Russian team at JetBrains. It understood the pain developers face in the day-to-day development workflow and with Kotlin it has attempted to address those. Kotlin takes a pragmatic approach by not including features such as having its own build system or package manager because open source tools such as Gradle and Maven already handle this well. Having its own build system would have broken projects that already use Gradle and Maven. In Kotlin the java frameworks have not been re-implemented although it would have been easy to do that as the…

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How Does Zello Walkie Talkie Work?


Zello Walkie Talkie is a push to talk application that transforms any smartphone or tablet device into a walkie-talkie. Using it is very easy and simple because its user interface is very clear and understandable. For personal usage, it bears no cost at all. At the moment, it is available for all leading mobile operating systems and PC platforms. It is in fact based on the radio-style communication system. As pointed out by Zello CEO Bil Moore, “Radio-style communication can be efficient, and it’s such a great way to organize…

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How to Install WordPress on your Android Web Server?

When your device is running as a webserver, you can install PHP and MySQL on your android server. You can also install any Content Management System (CMS) including WordPress, a powerful publishing CMS used by over 8.9 million sites. To install WordPress on your Android webserver follow the steps below. Step 1: Install any Unzipping app like Androzip or Astro file manager, if you don’t already have it. Step 2: Downloads the WordPress Zip file of latest version from its official site Step 3: Launch the unzipping app file manager and navigate to the download folder (Normally under/sdcard/Download)…

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Top Best Music Apps like Songza [iOS & Android]

If you are a diehard music lover and want to enjoy an excellent quality and quantity of music, then Songza is a right app for you. The best about this music-streaming app is that the music experts and artists around the world are operating it. Right from the app, you can enjoy the top rates and Oscar winner music and songs almost free. It always comes with latest and fresh music that you will love to listen again and again. However, it is not the only music-streaming app. Here are…

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Best Apps like iTube for iOS – iTube Alternative

iTube is a YouTube downloader and player that lets the users play their music and download videos and music of all types from the giant video sharing and hosting platform of YouTube. In addition to simply managing and playing the music, users of iTube can also manage their playlists, can view the history of video watched and can perform many other functions as well. It is also used for bookmarking the videos as well. So, in short, iTube can be said as an application that lets the users download and…

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