Best Virtual Reality Games

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2017 gave us some of the most mind-blowing virtual reality games that you just can’t have enough of. If you haven’t gotten down and dirty with these games, you have missed a huge chunk of 2017 VR bliss.

Get those headsets ready to rock and check out my list of the best VR games of 2017.

1: Super Hot


A badass Jhon Wick shooting style with The Matrix-like slo-mo moments and a Groundhog day twist in the mix, this game will be your bane of all the games if you love action-filled games with a puzzle twist.

There are quick rapid-fire battles with red coloured men throwing, punching and shooting tirelessly at you. How do you survive? Time is the key, my friend. Time only moves when you move, even the slightest. To pick up an object, or to shoot or dodge or even node. You move, time moves with you, you stop, time stops. Enemies attack from all sides and it only it takes on hit to kill you. You get countless lives and re-live the same day over and over again (Groundhog day style) until you clear the level.

That might sound a little frustrating but the feeling of ultimate time control and moving and thinking at superhuman speed will completely devour you in the world of Super hot VR.

Platforms: Oculus store PlayStation VR

2: Robo Recall



Rip through robots with your bare hands or your bullets. Make a ragdoll out of smaller robots and tear the larger ones piece by piece. Robo recall is a classic VR shooter game in which you get to assume the role of a robot in charge of destroying rogue robots. If you like shooting and breaking things, Robo recall will keep you coming back for more.

Platform: Oculus store

3: Job Simulator


Interactive comedy – it does not get better than Job Simulator. The game is what the title suggests, A job simulation. In a world where robots are running the show, and humans are given jobs. Know what it was like to do a job, work with an annoying robot boss, throw things around, mess up, do anything that you once wanted to do on your own job but couldn’t because it would probably get you fired. As long as you complete your tasks, robots don’t care, you are good and trust me, there are plenty of ways you can get funny and creative with your work.

Platform: Oculus store | PlayStation VR

4: Resident Evil 7 VR


A classic AAA game by Sony & Capcom, Resident Evil is a role-playing horror packed experience enhanced in the VR version that will constantly keep you on edge. The protagonist, you, is searching for his wife, mysteriously missing for 3 years. A house that screams horror and turns all your danger instincts on full alert, you must survive through a deadly wacko hillbilly family with secrets darker than a bottomless pit you and find your wife.

Platform: PlayStation VR

5: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


This one sets itself apart through all the VR games because this is the first legitimate party-playing game experience. If you want to enjoy the perks of VR with your friends as well, Keep talking and Nobody dies will be perfect for that. One of you, who gets to wear the VR headset, assumes the role of a person trapped in a room with an intricate digital bomb on their hands. The rest of the group literally have to bark out the instructions by scouring through a lengthy document withholding the information to diffuse that bomb. With time running out and pressure building in saving your life, this game is super fun to play with your homies and have a great time.

Platform: Oculus Store | PlayStation VR | Google Playstore

That’s it for my list of the best 2017 VR games, here are some cool VR games to expect in 2018

List of Most Awaited Games In 2018

1: Lila’s Tale


Lila’s Tale VR version is to be aired soon for Android mobiles. All of ya’ll who played Lila’s Tale without the VR must already know how great the game would be in VR. The little cherry in the mix is there are no controllers with the VR version. Lila moves with the movement of your eyes; You look somewhere she starts walking. Get ready to experience Lila’s world in a whole new way.

Platform: TBA

2: The Inpatient


You will get your fair share of a suspenseful plot with the InPatient. The psychological horror game is a prequel to Until Dawn. That does keep viewers guessing what it would be like. Watch the official trailer of the VR experience and brace yourself for a horror-filled heart thumping experience.

Platform: PlayStation

3: Transference


Elijah woods, the famous Mr Frodo of The Lord of the Rings, worked with the Spectrevision to bring to us Transference. You unfold the tragic story of a family and solve an intense puzzle revealing the mysteries within. Transference on VR is a whole new experience with some high-quality 3D audio. Expected to be released in the spring of 2018, Transference is a must try!

Platforms:  PlayStation VR

4: The Walking Dead VR

As if the walking dead wasn’t dead horror and heart jumping on its own. They are releasing a VR version soon! I for once can’t wait for the VR version. Skybound Entertainment along with Skydance Interactive plan to release an entire series of games revolving around the Walking dead universe, in VR! Pretty cool huh?

Walking dead fans or people who just like shooting zombies, start saving on your VR game budget.

Platform: TBA

5: Half-Life 2 VR


Who didn’t love playing half Life? In the year 2011, Half-Life sold about 12 million copies and now they are releasing it on VR. Things could not look any better in 2018. It’s time we stop making Half-life memes and get ready to embark on the new Half-life 2 VR experience with old and new fans.

Platform: TBA

Did we miss any game? What would your list of the Best VR games be? Let us know.

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