How to Enable Android Apps on Chromebooks


Google Play Store has officially allowed its users to use the Android apps over their Chromebooks using its services. At the moment Google Play Store services are being offered for the selected Chromebooks only that we will mention in this article. Why use Android Apps on Chromebook? Chromebooks have been earning popularity because of their simplicity, speed, and security. It has replaced the need for Macs in most of the countries. Just like most of the new features and functions, now the Chromebooks users can even enjoy dealing with Android…

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iPhone X: Release Date, Price and Features

Apple has shown the facelift of its upcoming iPhone X – read as iPhone 10, its premium smartphone and probably expensive smartphone with a price tag more than £999. According to Apple, iPhone X is the hallmark of advanced technology like wireless charging, edge-to-edge OLED display, and facial recognition security system. The iPhone X won’t be inexpensive at all. Available in two versions with 64GB and 256GB the cost of both will be £999 and £1,149 respectively. Quick information: Price, Pre-Order and Shipping Date Product Price Pre-order date Shipping date…

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Startup Quotes for Entrepreneurs that Motivate You


The entrepreneurs are neither aliens nor super-humans. They are prone to disappointments, fear, and demoralization. Once in a while, they need a dose of encouragement and support to get going. Every entrepreneur has its own strategy to feed the encouragement and get back on the track. They read books, watch movies, go to YouTube, and read biographies. The reason behind that tiny effort of finding the motivation is that they exactly know what they want at times. If they don’t feed their mind with the right kind of motivational content,…

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