Android 8.0 Oreo: Security Features that Truly Matters

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The news of Android latest OS, Oreo, is already rolling out over the internet. Google has started to share the information about the best new security features in its next major operating system update, Android 8.0 Oreo. So far, Google has improved the security in Android Oreo in a plenty of areas.

Here is detail of some notable security features and improvements in Android Oreo, for Android users and developers.

Google Play Protect

Peace of mind is going to become available in the palm of your hand. In addition to app permissions system, Google Play Protect will ensure the double security of your devices. It will keep your device and data safer than before from misbehaving applications.

Installing Apps from Unknown Apps Stores

Installing unknown apps from unknown platforms is going to be impossible. Hostile downloader apps will not operate freely now. Android Oreo will give authority to the users to allow the installation of APKs per source.


With Android Oreo, it will not possible anymore to install apps as these are coming. The apps on Android Oreo can request a color calibration if the current device can support it according to this addition. That means those mobile applications which relies heavily on their current color scheme being represented accurately can make request the correct color space they need when they operate.

WiFi Connection and Google VPN

In addition to auto connecting to the high-quality open WiFi connection, the Android O will enhance the security by sending the connection detail first to the Google VPN and then sending you the health status of the available connections.

Background Limits

Controlling background activities will be easier than before. This super power function will allow you to control the activities of all of the installed applications. As point out by Malwarebytes’ Director of Mac and Mobile Thomas Reed, ” One of the big features of Android Oreo is it’s going to prevent apps from taking over the screen, so that will really address the screen locker issue in large part. Therefore, that is a good feature obviously. It has some improvements in being able to see privacy violations.”

Type Application Overlay

A new restrictive permission is also the part of Android 8.o. The permission titled Type Application Overlay will prevent the pop-up windows to appear on the screen of any critical system windows like IMEs and status bar. This will allow the users to easily access settings and also block the apps from displaying alert windows.

Security Scanner

Android has a real time security scanner in Oreo 8.o. This security scanner deems to monitor both malicious apps and data theft.

New Fingerprint API

Fingerprint API will be again there but with some improvements. Google has maximized standards for scanner accuracy purpose to clear its device certification.

Oreo’s Always-On VPN

This feature is already available in Nougat but revamped little. This enhanced security feature aims to allow the IT administrations and developers force certain sensitive apps to use a VPN when go online. If VPN cannot connect or is not available, the app would not work or share any data.

Monthly Security Updates

Nothing can be perfect, so the to keep the users update with possible weakness in Android Oreo, Google will send notices and the solutions too on a monthly basis. Users also do not need to stop using their phones during installation of updates. They can choose to download the updates and install them in a separate on device partition system.

Updated Remote Bug Reporting System and Process Logging

Google has improved the Android OS remote diagnostic tools in Oreo. It will empower IT administration and developers with more options to request remote bug reports.

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