Amazing List of Top Tech Internship Salaries

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If you was feeling a bit more satisfied with your life and career picks today, here is a detail of the pay packages that are apparently offered to software engineering interns now-a-days by tech firms. The salary and housing allowance ranging from $9,000 to $10,000 a month isn’t seem insufficient. The cheapest among the list is evaluated to $84,000 annual.

Actually, the list was compiled by a 19-year-old intern-to-be who solicited numbers from Reddit, co-workers and other means. So, the provided information might not absolute be up to Woodward and Bernstein’s standards. However the salaries aren’t much more shockingly high than what’s formerly been published. Giving the infinite competition for high ranked talent in the tech world, it’s not shocking to see market rates rapidly increasing.

Besides, from the minor sting of knowing a Fitbit intern in possibly obtaining more than you, that’s not such a horrible thing. There are a number of people in the world whose stipend should be a public matter.

In short, we are providing an evaluated list of salaries which will be of great help despite the fact that it’s only a calculation and assessment and not the ultimate figure for salary packages. It should be kept in mind that the following list has been posted by an internee on her twitter account.

Quora: $8250/month + 1500 housing

Palantir: @7500 + housing

Pinterest: $7500 + $1.5k/month housing

Upthere: $6400/month + $900/month housing

Jane Street: $10400/month

Dropbox: $8.5 salary + housing stipend or provided housing

Google: $7000/month + housing Stipend: ” 9K!

Square: $44/hour (about $7600/month) + 5K relocation (one time)

Amazon Seattle: $6K salary + $ 2.5/month + housing $8500

Amazon SF: $7.5K salary + $3500/month

Fitbit SF: $9.3k/month

Edmodo: $7k/month

Apple: $6k and $3.5k/month + housing $9500

Coursera KPCB: $7000/month + housing $1000/month + Macbook Pro

Facebook: $6.8k/month + houising $5k stipend

Microsoft Seatle: $7.5/month + housing $2.5k + $ 5k returning intern bonus

Zynga: $8k/month

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