25 Best Free Apps in 2017 [Android & iPhone]

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App is called to be the lifeblood of any smartphone and tablet device. It is, in fact, one of the greatest and most important means of enhancing the functionality of any smartphone and tablet. Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the largest means of searching and downloading apps for their particular mobile operating systems enabled smartphones.

Both platforms contain a great amount of paid, free and trial based applications. Searching free apps over the internet is not a big deal because now a day there a great amount of independent apps market offering access to the free apps. However, downloading apps from these sources can be harmful because most of these do not fulfill the development criteria set by the respective mobile operating platforms.

Always make it sure you are downloading free apps even from the specific app stores only like Google Play Store, App Store, Windows Phone and BlackBerry World for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone and BlackBerry respectively.

When it comes to downloading anything from the internet, the priority of most of the people is getting it for free. It goes in the case of smartphone and tablet users. Most of the smartphone and tablet users like to have access to the free apps along with full access.

AppySpot wants you to have access to the top class free apps available for both Android and iOS devices. We have made the list of top free apps. Scroll down for our list containing best free Android and iPhone apps in all categories like news, travel, networking, photography, productivity and much more. Some of the apps we have listed below are fully compatible with both Android and iPhone/iPad smartphones while some are available for specific platform only.

Move down to explore what we have collected for you.

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